Full Garden Maintenance: Weekly maintenance


          Mowing / cutting edges with shears

          Weeding garden, pots and lawn

          Feeding lawn, garden beds and pots

          Fertilizer/spray roses every 2nd week

          Insecticides / herbicides /Fungicides

          Trimming/pruning of hedges/bushes/roses

          Sweeping of paved areas

          Keeping paved areas weed free

          Removal of associated garden refuse

           Payment for month in-advance

Rose Maintenance

        2nd weekly visit, feed roses, spray insecticides, spray fungicides, pruning and dead heading

                         NEW* Tool sharpening, cleaning and general repair.

Sharpening of cutting and digging tools.

cleaning and lubricating tools.

Tree Felling / Trimming 

Trimming or felling of trees

removal of all associated refuse

Full Garden maintenance

(every 2nd week)

          Same as weekly maintenance, excluding, Insecticides / herbicides / Fungicides /  Fertilizer

 Payment for month in-advance

Once off clean up

          As above, excludes Fertilizers, Insecticides / herbicides / Fungicides

          Keeping paved areas weed free

Removal of associated refuse   

Mow and Go

          Cut the grass edges, Mow the lawn, Remove grass cuttings.

          Payment cash from R 350.00